Altman Bail Bonds

Tavares Jail - Lake County, FL Bail Bonds Service

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420 E Alfred St Tavares, FL 32778

Getting our client out of jail fast is our top priority!

Altman Bail Bonds

Tavares Jail - Lake County, FL Bail Bonds Service

(352) 343-6090

420 E Alfred St Tavares, FL 32778

Getting our client out of the Tavares Jail - FAST is our top priority!

24 Hour Bail Bonds Service

Our most-common bail bonds services are listed below ...

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence (DV) is defined as, any act of violence from family or a household member from another family or household member. Our surety bail bonds cover Lake County, FL simple battery domestic cases. Call our Tavares bail bonds office to see how we can assist your family in this time of need. [Domestic Violence Details]

DUI & Driving Offenses

We post bail for Driving Under the Influence, Suspended Licenses and other driving offenses. DWLS or Driving While License Suspended is a charge that varies in bail bond amount depending on how many times the defendant has been arrested and/or convicted. [DUI Details]

Drug-related Charges

Bail Bonds for Misdemeanor & Felony Drug Charges. Contact Altman Bail Bonds to discuss posting bail in Lake County FL for Drug Possession,Trafficking, Poss with Intent to Deliver, Drug Paraphernalia, Poss of Controlled Substance. [Drug Charges Details]

Bail Bonds Services Lake County, Florida

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Bail Out Of Tavares Jail

Our fast bail bonds process is outlined below:

I. Contact Us

Call our bail bonds service 24 hours around the clock! We will begin our simple bail bond process and evaluate how we can best serve you as our client. We are specialized in Tavares bail bonds requiring no collateral.

Open 24 Hours!

Tavares Bail Bonds Service

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II. Qualifying

Our Bail Bondsman, Tim Altman, will have a brief and friendly conversation with the person posting bail. This qualifying will only take a few minutes and our licensed bail bondsman explains the process for bonding out of the (Lake County Detention Center) - Tavares Jail

Quick and Simple

Our bail qualifying is quick and simple. Call our bondsman around the clock.

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III. Post Bail

Once the qualifying questions are answered, and the bail bond premium fee (10%) is expalined, our Bail Bondsman move fast to post the bail at the Tavares Jail in Lake County, Florida.

Local Bondsman

Our Bondsman are local and minutes from posting our client's bail bond at the County Jail.

(352) 343-6090

IV. Bond Release

We post the bail minutes after the qualifying process is complete. This will allow the Lake County Detention Center to begin the release process while you're on the way to our bail bonds office, located close to the jail.

Fast Release On Bond

Customer service is a must, and our goal is a fast release from jail on bond. We take unique steps to ensure less waiting for our client's.

(352) 343-6090

About Us

Tim Altman
Bail Bondsman

FL Surety Lic. # A309966

“A timely release from Lake County jails is my top-priority. This unique feature will ensure short waiting times for our clients, and peace of mind."


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