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24 Hour Bail Bonds Services for DUI, Domestic Violence, Probation Violation, Drug Charges, Theft bail bonds, etc.

Bondsman Tim Altman

Bail Bondsman

“We’ll immediately post bail and return our client back to their life”

Altman Bail Bonds, Inc. is based in Tavares, FL and is the #1 trusted bail bonds agency in Lake County, Florida.  Bail bondsman, Tim Altman is dedicated to helping his clients through the bail bond process and also through the entire legal case. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Established in 1999, Altman Bail Bonds, is committed to providing affordable, NO COLLATERAL bail bonds service to those arrested and processed through the Tavares and Clermont jails.

A timely release from Lake County jails is my top-priority. This unique feature will ensure short waiting times for our clients, and peace of mind. Please contact me today for a Knowledgeable, no-hassle consultation.“.

Tim Altman – Bail Bonds Agent

Tim Altman received his Florida Surety License in 1999 and has excelled in the Bail Bond Industry ever since. Altman Bail Bonds has successfully helped over 10,000 Lake County clients in the past 17 years and has the knowledge to ensure the fastest and smoothest release from jail.  Get the answers you need by requesting a HELPFUL BAIL BONDS CONSULTATION or by stopping into our downtown Tavares main office.

  • Referred and preferred by local attorneys
  • Fastest release from jail is our focus and goal
  • Low payments, pay a fraction of total bond amount
  • Collateral not required, Signature bonds available
tim altman - bail bondsman