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Oh, I Will Never Need A Bail Bondsman!

In Bail Bonds Information by TIM ALTMAN

When I am meeting new people for the first time the most common reaction is "Oh I will never need a bail bondsman" Little do they know, I see all types of people arrested or having to make that call to help bond someone out . It does not make you a bad person if you happen to be arrested and have to bond out of jail.

Many things can land you behind bars unexpectedly.

  • Do you occasionally have a few drinks at dinner or a BBQ and drive home?
  • Would you get into a physical altercation to defend or protect a loved one?
  • Do you drive on a suspended license so you can get to work?

All these scenarios can land you behind bars and needing a bail bondsman.

I have been in the bail bond business, since 1998 and can tell you there is not a mold for the common so called criminal. I have bailed out doctors, teachers, law enforcement, elected officials, preachers, thieves, drug dealers, and everyone else from all walks of life.

Poor decision making is usually what will get you arrested and cuffed the quickest, and let's face it we all suffer from this time to time. So, next time you meet me please take my card and phone number.

Oh Sh$$! I'm Going To Jail.

Knowing who to call to handle your release from jail the quickest and smoothest will relieve tons of stress in that moment you say to yourself.

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