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No Collateral Bail Bond – What is it??

In Bail Bonds Information by TIM ALTMAN

In the Florida bail bond industry we offer a type of bond that is called a No Collateral Bail Bond. A No Collateral Bail Bond simply means that you are not being required to put up real property such as your house, car, boat, or anything else of significant value. Instead the use of a promissory note and Indemnity agreement is agreed upon for the full bail amount and this is also known as a signature bail bond. A “no collateral” or Signature Bail Bond can be very risky for the bail bondsman and the indemnitor (co-signer), If the defendant fails to appear, the courts will demand payment for the for bail amount. This would be the only time the full bail amount would ever come in question.

How do I get a, "No Collateral Bail Bond"?

Now that we know what is commonly referred to as a no collateral bail bond, I’ll let you know some of the qualifications to receive one. Every bail bond situation is different and most bondsman will ask the same questions in the initial qualification process. If you are a local person in Lake County, or Central Florida wide area you will most likely qualify. We offer no collateral bonds to family members and friends that are bailing out someone. Signature bonds or no collateral bonds will not be offered to clients that live out of state, or that have a history of missing court.

At Altman Bail Bonds, Inc. we do most of our bail bonds without collateral, let’s face it, who wants to put up their house for a $5,000 bond! We specialize in the ability to post bonds that other bail bondsman demand collateral for.

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Bail Bondsman vary on their dedication to their clients. Bail Bond Agent Tim Altman is a full time bail bondsman and has been licensed as a surety agent with the State of Florida, since 1999.

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