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Why Choose Altman Bail Bonds?

In Altman Bail Bonds, Inc. by TIM ALTMAN

At our Tavares Bail Bond Agency we believe that Experience is a critical factor in how well a bail bondsman executes their job. Only by experience posting bail bonds in the local jails and courts in Central Florida can a bail bondsman learn the important bond and bail process and time saving techniques to speed up a defendant's release from jail. Developing an understanding of each jail facility's protocol is essential to offering quality bail bond service. Flexibility is also an important part of any bail bonds service.

Our Bail Bond Agency is here to help our clients through this rocky time.

Although bail bondsmen must charge the same fee in Florida, they can provide much different payment plans and bail bond options. For example, some bail bondsmen provide credit card payments, no collateral or signature bail bonds and bail bond financing without collateral.

It is a good sign when a bail bondsman takes the time to understand a client's financial position and then provides a solution that fits their needs. Our bail bondsman will do just that, we will work to make the bail bond premium affordable as possible to return our client home. The Accessibility of a bail bondsman is hugely important.

Our bail bondsman are accessible 24 hours a day when you or your loved ones needs emergency bail bond service. This not only applies to posting the bail bond, but also after the defendant is released. We stay with our client through the entire case, we act as a liaison between the courts and our clients. Bail bondsman Tim Altman has made many court appearances in Lake County for the benefit of his clients, from asking the judge to recall a mistaken failure to appear warrant, to being a character witness for a bail reduction hearing. There are many times when the bail bondsman is needed during the criminal court proceedings. Will yours be there when you need him or her? Your choices are endless when choosing a bail bondsman however, choosing the best bail bondsman is not so easy. Understanding what separates a good bail bondsman from a bad one is essential in selecting the best professional for your needs.


  • Most of our bail bonds are underwritten with "No Collateral"
  • Our Bail Bond office is local to Lake County
  • The Fastest release possible is our goal
  • Open and available 24 hours, 7days a week
  • Affordable bail bond premium payment options and financing
  • Altman Bail Bonds are referred by attorneys
  • Two decades experience for Lake County bail bonds
  • We offer convenient Bail by Phone option

Licensed by the State of Florida to transact bail bonds in Lake, Sumter, Orange and many other Counties in Florida. Bail Bondsman vary on their dedication to their clients. Bail Bond Agent Tim Altman is a full time bail bondsman and has been licensed as a surety agent with the State of Florida, since 1999.

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