Bail Out of Jail – Lake County FL

In Lake County, FL by TIM ALTMAN


In Lake County Florida when you are arrested, you will be brought to either the Tavares Jail or the Clermont Jail for the booking process.

If you are arrested by the Lake County Sheriff you are usually transported immediately to one of these two locations. If you were arrested by a local police department, such as Leesburg Police Dept., you will transported to their station or police department while the arresting officer writes up his report.

The arrested cannot begin the bailing out process with the jail until he's been transported to Tavares jail or Clermont sub-station. If the Defendant does not bail out of the Clermont sub-station he/she will be transported ultimately to the main jail in Tavares Florida.

Altman Bail Bonds can handle either situation efficiently. Our Bail Bondsman understand that you want out of jail as quick as possible.

If you live in South Lake County, We will handle the bail bonds release in Clermont so you will not have to be transported to Tavares. Call us upon the arrest so we can be sure to be on top of the booking process and transport.

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