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How Do Bail Bonds Work

In Bail Bonds Information by TIM ALTMAN

How do Bail Bonds work?

I have answered this question many times in the twenty years I have been serving in the Central Florida bail bond industry.

If you have never been arrested or have never needed to come to the aid of someone else to post bail, how bail bonds work can be quite foreign to most people. The Court and Jail procedure is better navigated with the aid of professionals such as our bail bond agents and a criminal defense attorny.

When someone is arrested and charged with a crime, this is when they will need a bail bondsman or to post bail at the jail. Every criminal charge has an associated bail amount assigned to it. There are few criminal charges that are not preassigned a bail amount through the judicial circuit bond schedule. Some Central Florida County’s fall within different judicial circuits and the bond schedule for the same criminal charges are different.

Once the Bail Amount is determined for the criminal charges, you will have to decide whether to post cash bond or to use a bail bondsman as a surety agent. Some people choose to pay cash on smaller bail, others will use a bail bondsman. Cash bail is accepted at the jail for the full amount of the bail. Cash bail that is deposited with the jail is subject to be used for the defendants fines, court cost, booking fee, daily incarceration fee, and what ever else the County can charge before it is returned to the depositor. A bail bondsman will charge the standard fee in Florida of 10%, or 100$ per bond, this will be the only fees assuming the defendant makes all their court appearances without forfeiture of bail. Once bail is posted for the defendant they are released from custody and are required to meet every court date assigned.

So now you have a little base info on how to bail someone out of jail. I’m going to be speaking mostly of how bail works with a bail bondsman. Usually we have a family member, friend, spouse, or the arrested themselves call us at our main office number in Tavares (352) 343-6090 when our client is arrested. Our bail bondsman will qualify your situation and decide what type of risk the client could be. If we feel as if the arrestee is of no flight risk we will offer a No Collateral Bail Bond or also known as a signature bond. A No Collateral bond is where the cosigner or Indemnity will guarantee through a promissory note and Indemnity Agreement that in case the defendant forfeits bail and jumps bond, the Indemnitor will provide us with the full bail amount within a certain time period, or locate and help us take into custody said defendant.

If we feel the bail is too risky, or a client has proven the lack of responsibility for attending court, we will ask for collateral to be assigned to the bond. Collateral is to guarantee the full bail amount if the defendant fails to appear in court. Collateral is typically someone who owns or is buying local property, vehicle titles, cash, basically something that is of value to the bond. Collateral is always returned by the bail bondsman when the case is closed.

Bail and Bonds can be simple but also be very complicated. When choosing a bail bondsman, you really need to decide if you want that business to be in control of your Bail. Do your research on the bail bond agent you will choose, don’t let their large ad presence and lies fool you . Problems arise while our clients are out on bond, does the bail bondsman you choose have your best interest in mind and know how to protect your freedom?

Altman Bail Bonds, Inc. has a proven track record since 1999. We have served Tavares, Clermont, Leesburg and many other cities in Lake County, FL for many years. Lake is not the only County we service, We are registered to write bail bonds in most of Central Florida jails.


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Licensed by the State of Florida to transact bail bonds in Lake, Sumter, Orange and many other Counties in Florida.

Bail Bondsman vary on their dedication to their clients. Bail Bond Agent Tim Altman is a full time bail bondsman and has been licensed as a surety agent with the State of Florida since 1999.

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