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When someone is arrested in Lake County, FL and charged with a criminal offense they will face abundant frustration with the comprehension of the Judicial system. For most, being arrested and having the State of Florida actively attempting to prosecute you for a crime will be exasperating.

First thing you need to know when you are arrested is to bond out of jail. If you are arrested for a criminal offense which allows bail right away, Do It!

One thing that I have learned in my 20 year career as a bail bondsman is that the jail and courts care about no mans loss of time.

You need your freedom to be able to fight your case.

Most criminal offenses will allow bail right away, and you have two options in Florida.

First option is cash bail, this is when you take the full amount directly to the county jail and post cash bond for the defendant’s release. I am not a fan of cash bail, the courts seem to consume the cash with fees otherwise not assessed.

The most common type of bond paid to the jail for a defendants release is a Surety bond. A surety bond or bail bond is when you pay a bail bondsman 10% of the actual bail and the defendant is released pending the outcome of the case.

Hiring a surety agent ,otherwise known as a bail bondsman, is the most beneficial to the criminal defendant. A good Bail Bondsman will have an interest in helping their client with the judicial system and provide a helpful resource with their knowledge of how the system works.

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After a criminal defendant is arrested, the next few months are filled with court dates that the defendant will be responsible for attending or having their criminal attorney be present.

If the defendant can afford a private attorney, right after the arrest is the best time to acquire an experienced criminal law attorney. Make sure and do your research on your attorney as well as your bail bond agency that you choose.

I would advise to seek a board certified criminal trial attorney in Lake or in the Central Florida region.

Many criminal defendants will be at the mercy of the courts and have no other choice but to have the Public Defenders Office represent them.

The Public Defender is extremely overburdened with case load in any county in Central Florida. This case load prevents the public defender from personal attention and dedication to specifically your case.

There are many competent attorneys that work for the public defenders office, but more often than not, a plea is what will immediately be discussed. I have seen quite a few excellent public defenders here in Central Florida, Lake especially.

When you have been arrested for a criminal case everything is public record. As a bail bondsman I am constantly checking on The Lake County Clerk Site for case status, court dates, and warrant information.

This site is helpful to stay up to date on required court appearances.

Check out my Jail and Info page for information on The Lake County Jail, The Lake County Courthouse, and the Clermont Substation.

Bail Bond Agent Tim Altman is a full time bail bondsman and has been licensed as a surety agent with the State of Florida, since 1999.

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