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The mere mention of the word or letters FTA makes me cringe in anticipation of the problems to come. These letters put together are scary to me because I am a bail bondsman and FTA means Failure To Appear, Forfeiture of my bond, Pay up...your defendant didn't appear!

Failure to Appears happen quite frequently in the judicial system, A Good Bail Bondsman Knows How To Fix his client's problem.

When we have one of our clients miss a court date and we receive a Forfeiture of our bail bond, I immediately look for the cause of the absence and FTA. The majority of our bail bond clients FTA's are not willful, but rather a confusion of dates, misinformation from the public defenders office or court on when their appearance is required, or an occasional slip of the mind. We have had clients with car problems the morning of court, as well as being hospitalized for an illness preventing their appearance. What ever the reason for the absence , the courts are not too forgiving when it comes to an FTA.

What Happens If I Fail To Appear?

When a criminal defendant fails to appear in court, their judge will issue a bench warrant or capias for their arrest. I have seen judges lock doors at the appearance time and any defendant that is late ( even 5 minutes) be taken into custody under a FTA arrest. When an FTA occurs, the judge forfeits our bail bond and starts the clock for us to solve our client's FTA or pay the full amount of the bail to the proper court. Now that you have a bench warrant from missing a court date, time is the most important thing on your side. It takes 2-5 days usually before the warrant is processed through the clerk to the sheriff's office to go active. If your FTA was not willful and you truly try to resolve it quickly, the judge may recall the warrant and reinstate your bail bond. We will do whatever is possible to help you reinstate your bail bond. Our bail bondsman will offer to go to court with you and ask the judge to consider reinstatement of the bail bond. I as a bail bondsman have went to court with my clients to try and resolve the mistake several times and most judges in Lake County FL are reasonable and will hear you out.

What Is The Bail Amount On An FTA?

Florida state statues guide the bail amount issued on a FTA warrant. This is not always followed by criminal courts in Central Florida. Defendants that flee the state from a FTA will be labeled as a Fugitive From Justice, and most states will honor Florida extradition. On most felony FTA warrants, the bond amount will be 0 as in NONE. Misdemeanor FTA's the original bond amount should double. Some Florida County's flag their FTA's with an odd bond amount, like $5,013.


Let's talk about the other FTA's that occur. Yes, some people don't go to court, be it from drug addiction, lack of caring, or are just scared to do their time. These would be the problem clients that us bail bondsman loath. Regardless of the reason for the FTA, the judge will forfeit our bond and that means that we have to pay or produce. Bail bondsman's lively hood and business could hang on one defendant's appearance in court. The bail amount that is set by the courts for a defendants release on bond is a real dollar amount to the surety (bail bondsman). We will diligently recover any defendants that fail to appear, this is our role in the court system.

Our Bail Bondsman Are Qualified To Help You Through Your FTA:

  • Most of our bail bonds are underwritten with "No Collateral" including FTA's
  • Our Bail Bond office is local to Lake County FL
  • The Fastest release possible is our goal with an FTA arrest
  • Open and available 24 hours, 7days a week
  • Affordable bail bond premium payment options and financing
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Licensed by the State of Florida to transact bail bonds in Lake, Sumter, Orange and many other Counties in Florida. Altman Bail Bonds, Inc. and its bail bondsmen will provide the easiest and most economical solution to an FTA. Bail Bondsman vary on their dedication to their clients. Bail Bond Agent Tim Altman is a full time bail bondsman and has been licensed as a surety agent with the State of Florida since 1999.

Our bail bond agency in Tavares is dedicated to providing Fast, Knowledgeable, and Professional bail bond service to you.