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Should I Bail Out Of Jail?

In Bail Bonds Information by TIM ALTMAN

Bailing out of jail in Lake County, FL might not be so simple for some defendants. When you are in the Fifth judicial circuit system for multiple active cases, going back to jail on a new charge can and will make complications for certain bail scenarios and you will have to ask yourself

… Should I Bail Out?

I will address some of the more common scenarios in the next few paragraphs.

When a criminal defendant is out on bond or bail for an active case in Lake County FL, a new charge that lands them behind bars in jail in Tavares will usually start what our County calls an order to revoke bond. This is an order signed by a judge that will pull any previous bonds that you may have active. This is not an immediate action when you go to jail on the new charge, so you have the question…. Should I Bail Out?

Things to Consider

How much is my new bail and can I afford to lose that money to only be out a few weeks? Revoke bond orders will stick you in jail for the duration of the case that was revoked.

Do I have a private attorney that will fight for my right to bail? With anything in the judicial system, a private criminal law attorney will be the only thing fighting for your right to bail.

Do I only have misdemeanor cases active or am I on felony bond? When our defendants are on felony bonds and go back to jail on even the most simple of case, our system here in lake county will initiate a revoke bond order most of the time.

Bailing out of jail when you have other active cases will be a tough question, facts are that if it’s a felony case that the bond is associated with a revoke order will usually come a few weeks after.

Bailing Out Of Jail While On Probation

When a criminal defendant is on probation and arrested for a new criminal offense, this will initiate a violation of probation. Depending on if it’s felony probation or misdemeanor will depend on what happens from the point of the new arrest.

Felony probation will be automatically violated and a PC or probable cause hold will be placed on the defendant at the time of booking for the new charge. This goes Florida state wide, and sometimes will be honored interstate within the United States. It’s very Important to not be arrested on anything anywhere while on felony probation.

Misdemeanor probation has a different approach when you violate for being arrested on a new charge, you will have to ask yourself …Should I Bail Out?

When on misdemeanor probation, you will not be held right away on the violation of probation rather it will have to go through the chain from your probation officer to the judge to the clerk and finally to the Sheriff. This will take 1-2 weeks and it’s almost always a for sure bet. The judge that would sign the VOP warrant would determine if you are eligible for bail and either issue a bond amount, a ROR , or a NO(0) bond. A Few judges here are known to not give you a bond for a misdemeanor VOP, but it’s not the case with every defendant and not uniform from judge to judge.

Bailing out is not always as easy as wanting out. The judicial system and jail have a way to keep you in when you have more than one case going on at the same time or if you’re on probation and commit a new crime. These are the times when you need the best bail bondsman to advise you of theses potential scenarios, saving you money and wasted bail bond premium.

Bail Bondsman vary on their dedication to their clients. Bail Bond Agent Tim Altman is a full time bail bondsman and has been licensed as a surety agent with the State of Florida since 1999.

Our bail bond agency in Tavares is dedicated to providing Fast, Knowledgeable, and Professional bail bond service to you.