Top 5 Bail Bonds Questions Answered

Top 5 Bail Bonds Questions – FAQs

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Top 5 Bail Bonds Questions Answered

As a Bail Bondsman when my phone rings for service and I meet with someone for bail some common questions always come up for discussion. Here are the top 5 bail bonds questions and answers.

  1. Of course the Number One question I get asked from our initial phone conversation is “How much does it cost to bail someone out of jail?”. Answer Altman Bail Bonds charges 10% of the bail amount, or 100 per criminal charge , this is a set fee in the state of Florida and all bail bondsman must charge this amount or be in violation of FL state statues. We can provide a payment plan for larger bail bond premiums.

  2. The Second most ask question is “How long will it take to bond out Billy?”. Answer Bailing out of Jail depends on when the bond is posted and how busy the Jail is at the time of posting . Typically in Lake County FL, bonding out usually takes two hours, exceptions to this are shift change , and first appearance, these things will slow the Bailing out process down. Different jails have their own release process and some counties take 8-12 hours for release on bail.

  3. The Third most asked bail bond questions is “What happens to me if the person I bailed out misses court?”. Answer The consequences of signing for someone who misses court and forfeits a bail bond are quite stiff. If actual physical collateral was pledge this property will be in jeopardy of liquidation to pay the bail bondsman. If the defendant is not surrendered to jail during the forfeiture of the bail bond period, the bail bondsman and co-signer will be at loss for the full bail amount. It’s very important to know who you are bailing out and be able to produce them if they skip court.

  4. The Fourth most asked bail bonds question is “What do you take for collateral on the bond?”. Answer Collateral can be any real property that has valued and is owned by the cosigner or defendant. Typically collateral for the bail bond would be a car title, a contingency mortgage on a piece of real estate, or as simple as a signature on a promissory note.

  5. The Fifth most asked bail bond question is ” Are You Like Dog The Bounty Hunter?”. Answer All licensed Florida Bail Bondsman are kinda like Dog, We all have the power of arrest over our defendants and have to hit the streets when someone Fails to Appear on our bonds. Our Agents at Altman Bail Bonds would much rather not have to do this, but unfortunately it’s part of our profession. 

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Bail Bondsman vary on their dedication to their clients. Bail Bond Agent Tim Altman is a full time bail bondsman and has been licensed as a surety agent with the State of Florida since 1999.

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