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Arrested and Need Bail

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When someone is arrested and handcuffed the first thing that the defendant thinks about is how I will get my freedom back.

Being arrested in today’s society isn’t that difficult and I commonly have regular people, professionals, contributing members of society that find themselves facing criminal charges without a clue to know what to do next.


Regaining your freedom back is never a cookie cutter situation with each person arrested. I will briefly go over each process from arrest, booking, first appearance, bail, court and will be specially speaking on the Lake County FL Jail in Tavares FL, also known as the Fifth Judicial Circuit.

There are close to thirty arrests a day made in Lake County FL, and just as many notice to appear‘s issued.

When arrested and charged with a criminal offense sometimes they are not actually taken into the County jail, but rather issued a court date and released on scene. This is called a notice to appear, and is usually reserved for minor offenses such as possess marijuana less than 20 grams, drug paraphernalia, dwls, or petit theft. This is for defendant’s that do not have a history of failure to appear, have a local address, and have not been arrested for the same offense prior. Bail is not required in notice to appears, you are released on your own recognizance awaiting court.

Being arrested and taken into custody for a criminal offense that requires bail, you will be transported to the Lake County Jail, in Tavares FL. The booking process duration time all depends on the flow at the jail. When there are several people being released, or several people coming in, this slows down the booking in time. The Lake County Detention Center is known for their speed of booking in and release and both processes take a few hours to complete. Once our defendant is booked in, the jail will allow a bail bond to be posted. Our Bail Bonds Agency will be in communication with the jail to help with a smooth release.

First Appearance

When a defendant is arrested for a charge that requires to be seen by a judge at first appearance, such as battery domestic violence, a judge will review our defendants case. Bond hearing will be held every morning at the Tavares Jail. The Judge will review the charging affidavit, defendant’s prior arrest and case history and determine if the individual is a danger or risk to public safety. Once first appearance is concluded the jail booking clerks will have to update the changes to the arrestees charge and bail info. Bail is set on the majority of criminal offenses in Lake County, this is possible because of the bail schedule for the Fifth Judicial Circuit, and chief Judges set a predetermined bail schedule for criminal charges. Bail is meant to hold accountable and guarantee a defendant to appear each and every time the courts require them to be present. Bail is a constitutional right to defendants arrested and charged with a criminal offense. Bail and bail bonds prevent jail overcrowding and hold defendants accountable at no cost to tax payers.

Cash Bail or Bail Bonds

Once you know you can post bail to regain your freedom, you have two options; cash bail or bail bonds. Cash bail is where you would need to pay the full bail amount to the County Jail. A person would take for example One Thousand dollars cash to the bond window to place a full cash bail amount for each individual charge. Cash bail is as it seems cash only. The jail and courts will have control over this money until they see fit to return a portion of it or none at all. Cash bail is used for court fines or fees, incarceration charges which accumulate at $50.00 a day, restitution, and many other charges the County will charge. The second option is calling a licensed bail bondsman in Tavares FL Contact Bail Bondsman; we will assist you in bailing out our client fast, and affordably. With a bail bondsman posting a bail bond, you would be required to pay 10% of the bail amount and most of the time, sign responsible for the full bail amount if and only if the defendant failed to appear. Bail Bonds were designed to help people regain their freedom pending the outcome of the case. Bail Bonds usually do not have any court restrictions besides jurisdiction of the defendant. Bail Bonds are an affordable resource for bail, as we provide no interest payment plans and we offer direction and counseling through this traumatic time of an arrest.

Attending Court Dates

When someone is arrested and charged with a criminal offense, court dates will be the most important appointment for these individuals for the next several months to years. This is the time when people decide to search for a private criminal attorney. If an individual cannot afford their own attorney, the courts will provide the services of a public defender. When you are released on bail you will have several court hearings that you or your attorney will be required to attend. Your first hearing is an arraignment; this is the formal reading of the charges against you. This hearing, if the State of FL has filed charges against you, will be when you make your formal plea of not guilty, guilty, or no contest. If a defendant pleads not guilty, additional dates will be set for plea negotiations, pre trial conference, trial, and sentencing. Bail is to be held active and open throughout the entire case unless the judge either issues a capias for failure to appear or revokes for crimes committed while on bond. A defendant’s attorney should let his or her client know what dates is needed for appearance. We do see some errors now and again, it’s best to be vigilant with these dates and communication with the attorney of record. Once Court is concluded, a plea has been entered or sentencing or charges dropped, this is when your bail is discharged. This has been a very brief scenario of what happens after an arrest, bailing out of jail, and attending court dates until case is completed. Nobody wants to have to think about how to get their freedom back after an arrest, but it happens to the best of us.

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