Drug Addiction Help in Lake County

In Lake County, FL by TIM ALTMAN

Help is available here, locally in Lake County FL

I have been around addicts half of my life and getting help for the drug addicted is available here in Lake County FL. Addiction is shrouded in mystery for the addict as well as the addict’s family. Everyone is granted with free will, and some think it is just a choice that the addict is making and all they have to do is just stop. Let me tell you this isn’t the case for most people, they can’t just choose to stop without major changes in their life. I will be touching on choices that addict’s make and where to go to seek help. -

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tim Altman and I am a bail bondsman in Tavares. I have been a licensed bail bondsman in FL since 1999 and the majority of my clients are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

As a bail bondsman, I am intricately involved in my client’s life for years at a time. I see their struggle, their successes, and also their failures. I get to see all sides of addiction, from the addict’s family suffering from the loss of the person they once knew, to the daily torment of the drug to the addict. Addiction is an evil beast that enjoys consuming its host.

Addiction is not simply a choice, but it’s not a disease that you can’t overcome.

When an addict chooses to use despite all the negative consequences, many think to themselves…just stop using. It is true that no one is forcing the drug addict to shoot up that rig of methamphetamine, except the addict cycle, by the time addiction gets to that point they are living in the addict’s cycle. When I speak of cycle, I mean lifestyle and subsequently the drug addicts comfort zone.

Most drug addicted people I know from my business or through personal relationships have a certain group of friends that they use with, they have a support network of other addicts. These networks of people are one of the fueling factors of the addict’s cycle. The old saying, people, places, and things really does ring true for the recovery process.

The first and only real choice that matters

The most important choice of someone that wants to overcome addiction is that they have to be completely done with it. They have to be so sick of their actions that they want to live a better life. Most addicts will come to this crossroad many times over before actually having that wrenching feeling of returning to the cycle.

Family of the addict plays an important role in the addiction and recovery process. Family must make sure that they are not enabling the user to continue the destructive cycle. This is very hard for some; family never wants to see their loved one suffer and addicts are very manipulating.

Types of help in Lake County FL

There are many different types of drug addiction help here. An addict’s journey to recovery will never be the same as the next and there isn’t a magical solution. There are tools and places to help them implement these strategies to begin their recovery.

The very first tool is about the cheapest and works for many people addicted to drugs or alcohol. AA or NA stands for alcohol anonymous and narcotics anonymous. Price of admission is an hour of your time and coffee donations. Going to weekly NA or AA meetings will be beneficial to keep the recovery process fresh in your mind and also here of others journey with addiction.

Here is a list of daily meeting groups and their info Friends in Recovery

  • EDI Club 802 S. Bay St. Eustis, FL 32726
  • Spirit of Life Recovery Center 4816 N. Orange Blossom Trail Mt. Dora, FL 32757
  • Church at Whistling Pines 16311 Whistling Pines Rd. Umatilla, FL 32784

Recovery Centers in Lake County

Many people think that recovery centers cost a fortune and some do. Most good treatment centers and programs are in it for helping rather than a profit, but it does cost to run a dedicated recovery center.

We have a few non -profit center that take in account a client’s financial situation and for the most part are very affordable. LifeStream Behavioral Center is located in Leesburg FL and is our County’s largest source of help for addicts and mental health services. LifeStream is a broad stroke for people who suffer from dual diagnosis.

I see many people that suffer from mental illness such as bi-polar, P.T.S.D., Trauma and depression that will use illegal narcotics to self medicate. Dual diagnosis is very common among addicts; even prolonged use of narcotics will create mental illness. LifeStream’s Hope and Recovery Center is geared to the substance abuse side of mental health and is a source of addiction help in Leesburg.

God is an addicts best friend

There are quite a few faith based organizations here in Lake County. Addicts that have a religious, more specifically, a Christian background can find help in one of the many faith based recovery centers. I have had many female bail bond clients that have gone through and completed the Ruth House with great success and I will continually refer woman in need. The Ruth House is located in Umatilla FL and is a transitional shelter for women in crisis who possess a strong desire to overcome their life wounds, addictions, and/or addictive behaviors.

Another Faith based ministry that helps both male and female and works closely with the Ruth House is Hand in Hand of Lake County FL. This organization is located in Eustis FL and outreaches to Lake county residents in need. There are many different Christian based outreach programs that are inexpensive, check with your local church to see what type of programs or counseling sessions they recommend.

Recovery center both in and out-patient treatment

We have a relatively new recovery center here in Mount Dora FL called Recovery Solutions that provides a daily outpatient center for Lake County FL and also has the ability to place you in a bed for inpatient. This recovery center takes insurance and also has the ability to finance your treatment.

Recovery is a long journey, but one worth the new process

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is a long road, as time goes on the process becomes easier and easier. You have to train your brain to recognize what situations could be deadly to you if you give in. I have a few friends and many clients that have died of drug overdoses, many beautiful souls that will no longer be here for their family, friends, and children.

Many think drugs is a victimless crime, Let me tell you that isn’t true, loved ones suffer daily with someone that is drug addicted.