Domestic Violence

Were you Charged with Domestic Violence in Tavares?

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A Different Type of Crime in Tavares

When you're arrested for domestic violence in Tavares, it's not like other types of crimes. With some crimes, you can call a bail bonds service and post bail rather quickly. However, with domestic violence charges, you will not be able to post bail until you actually go in front of a judge.

In addition, even if you post bond, your contact with the victim will be restricted, which means you may not be able to go home to your house. In domestic violence cases, the State will be the decision-maker for prosecution, not so much the victim. The victim can decide to withdraw their accusation and drop the case, but that might not be enough. Domestic violence charges won't be able to be expunged or sealed, either.

What to Do When You're Arrested in Tavares for Domestic Violence

The first thing you should do if you're being arrested for domestic violence in Tavares is make sure to cooperate with the police. If you try to run or you become violent, you could easily make your situation worse and end up with multiple felony charges.

The second thing you need to do during an arrest for domestic violence if pay attention to your Miranda Rights. You don't need to speak and you shouldn't. Talking yourself out of being arrested is nearly impossible and a plan that will usually backfire. Instead, shut your mouth and ask for an attorney.

The third thing you will need to do during this type of arrest is call a skilled attorney and a bail bonds service. While you may not be able to post bond right away, you want to be prepared and it's much easier to fight criminal charges when you're not stuck in jail. Your attorney will ensure you're properly defended.

The final thing you need to ensure you do is to follow the advice of your attorney. If you're ordered not to go home or see the victim, don't. If your attorney advises you to do something specific, it's probably a good idea.

You hired your attorney for a reason, so make sure you follow their advice.


What will Bond be Set at?

Anytime a domestic violence charge is issued in Tavares, a First Appearance Detainer will be a part of the process. This means you will see a judge to determine the bond and the conditions of release. If the victim doesn't appear and testify, a No Contact, No Return to the Scene may be issued, along with bond starting at $1000.

Typically, if the charge is a misdemeanor bond will be set between $1000 and $2500. However, this also depends on the judge and any domestic violence charge could lead to a bond of $10K or more. You will need a good bail bonds service on your side if you or someone you love was arrested for domestic violence. Call Altman Bond Services and ensure the person charged with the crime can get out of jail fast!