Transfer Bonds

Transfer Bonds

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Transfer Bail Bonds

Most people don’t know the meaning of, “Transfer Bonds” in Florida. These type of bail bonds are also referred to as,  “Out of County Bonds”. Say for instance, you live in Lake County Florida and your loved one is arrested in Seminole County and they need bail. Do you call a Seminole county bail bondsman? Or do you call a bondsman close to where you live? I will answer some scenarios that a transfer bond will come into play.

What is a Transfer Bond?

Simply put, a transfer bond is when we are contacted by a good client or someone that lives in our local community for their loved one that is arrested in another County. If we are not registered in that particular county we have to rely on our network to contract a posting agent. A bondsman has to physically drop off paperwork for the bond to the jail, this is the transfer posting agent. Our bail bonds agency has a network of bail bondsmen in most areas of Florida. We even have coverage out of state with the ExpertBail and AIA group. With a bail bonds agency that has a large transfer network, getting released from jail in other areas of the State becomes easier.

Bailing Out of Neighboring Counties

It is very common for our clients to be arrested crossing over into neighboring counties. Driving offenses seem to be the most common arrest and bailing out right away is important. When a client is calling a bail bonds company in another area, they sometimes strike out on getting the help they need. Bail bondsmen are taught to qualify bonds well, and usually when we have people that aren’t local we will have to ask for collateral to be pledged. This is not always the case, each defendant is different. That is why it is important to get a bail bondsman in the area that you live and have roots. We will be willing to take the extended risk for the people we know or our previous clients.

Most bail bondsmen are local and near you

We do our fair share of transfer bonds, for a bail bondsman to be able to post bail at a County jail, they must be registered with that County. I am registered in three local County jails including Lake, Sumter, and Orange, this means that I can physically go there and post our client’s bail. Other County jails that our agency can’t physically go to are when a transfer bonds will come into play. We have an extensive network of out of county bail agents that have our clients covered wherever they may be arrested.

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