Top 5 Most Common Questions about Bail Bonds in Tavares  

Top 5 Most Common Questions about Bail Bonds in Tavares

In Bail Bonds Information, Tavares Bail Bonds by TIM ALTMAN

Question 1:  How does the bail bond process work?

The bail bond process may get complicated depending on the defendants’ situation. Every bond call we receive we qualify with a series of questions to get an idea of what the arrestees’ life was like prior to going into custody. The defendant’s background is important to determine how easily we can make bailing them out. Prior arrests, failure to appear, residential history, employment, seriousness of the accused crime, and other factors will be discussed. Once the qualification is completed, and terms are agreed upon, our bail agency will post the bail bond at the Tavares jail. After the jail receives our bond, they will begin the release process which normally is under two hours. Our jail staff is professional and nice to work with compared to the counties surrounding lake.

After our client’s release, we shine. Many of my calls daily involve what we call maintenance. Our maintenance calls can be anything from checking on court dates, updating address information, mediating a problem with our client and the courts, and calls from the cosigner concerning the appearance of the bailee. When choosing a bail bondsman in Tavares, make sure you want their professionalism representing you with the courts.

Question 2:  How much do bail bonds cost in Tavares?

Bail bonds in Tavares cost the same as any bail bond in the State of Florida. Bail Bond agents must charge Ten percent of the total bail or a minimum fee of a hundred dollars per bond. Each criminal charge will have a separate bail amount for each offense. My bail bond agency offers payment plans for large bail in Lake County, qualifications must be met on each individual case.

Question 3:  How long does it take to get released once a bail bond is posted?

 “When will they be out?” is always the million-dollar question. The bail bond release will not start until the bondsman physically delivers the bond to the jail. Once the jail receives the bondsman’s contract, they will start the release process. Normally the release will take under a couple of hours. This isn’t always the case, depending on the shift, which booking clerk is working releases, shift changes, and how busy the jail is all determine the length of time before our client is free.

Question 4:  What collateral can be used for a bail bond in Tavares?

The collateral that is used for a bail bond in Tavares can be a signature on a promissory note and indemnity agreement, titles to vehicles, boats, campers, mobile homes, cash, and real estate. Most of the bail bonds that we write do not require physical collateral, only a qualified cosigner.

Question 5:  Can I make payments on my bail bond fees?

Yes, we offer payment plans for bail bonds in Tavares Florida. This is qualified on a case-by-case basis, usually when the bail amount is Ten Thousand or over. Payments will always consist of a percentage down and structured weekly or biweekly payments that fit into our client's budget.


In conclusion I hope this blog post of the five most common questions regarding bail bonds in Tavares will better help our readers understand and navigate the bonding process.

Altman Bail Bonds, Inc. in Tavares Florida is standing by night and day ready to assist you if your loved one is arrested and jailed. Our office is in the historic part of Tavares at 801 W Main St, just a few short blocks from the lake county jail. Give us a call, we are ready to help!