Bail By Phone

Convenient and Fast release from jail using a phone and a credit card.

Altman Bail Bonds, Inc. offers a fast and easy way to handle the bail bond process over the phone.

Bail by phone bail bonds is handled case by case basis and is the fastest way to bail out of jail. Phone bail bonds are a new practice in our industry and we will allow the bond release process to immediately begin by calling our office or contacting us by email. Bail By Phone is meant to save you time allowing the bond to be posted at the Lake county jail upon payment of the bail bond premium (10%). Phone Bail will need the ability to send documents electronically with email, or visit our office upon the release and pickup of our client. Call our office now to see if this option is available for your loved ones bail bond.

Bail Bond by phone requires the ability to pay the bail bond premium by credit or debit card.

Our goal is have our client released from jail as fast as possible, this is why we offer bail by phone or email. The jail will take 1-3 hours after they receive the bondsman's paperwork to complete the jail release. We are committed to making our client's experience less stressful in these uncertain times. Rest assured, whatever the circumstance brings, Altman Bail Bonds will safely and securely handle the bond release of our client in the Fastest possible fashion.

This form of bail by phone service is reserved for the bondsman’s discretion and each individual case.

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