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How Bail Bond Payments in Central Florida Work

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We offer bail bonds financing without collateral!

A Payment Plan for your Central Florida Bail Bond is available, and we seldom require collateral. Please ask for details.

We understand that most people don’t have a “just in case I get arrested” fund stashed away. Altman Bail Bonds, Inc has many creative financing options and bail bond payment plans for our Central Florida Clients designed to make this difficult time as affordable as possible. We do not do credit checks, and every credit plan has 0% interest, we make bail affordable to you and your unique need. Contact us now via our Office or Agents cell phone by clicking the button below or visit our Main Office, located in Tavares, Florida to quickly qualify and begin the bail bond release process.


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Flexible Financing Options

Many customers choose our company specifically for our flexible financing and realistic payment plans.

A bail bond payment plan is a loan, and like a loan, we offer low down payment, no interest, and no collateral bail bonds in many cases.

We can finance bail bonds for those with GOOD credit, BAD credit, or NO credit!

Our Bail Bonds Agency will release our client on bail with a deposit of the bail premium fee and a structured payment plan for the remaining balance.


The 10% Bail Premium fee is non-negotiable by all bail bondsman in the State of FL.