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Most people are shocked to find out that not every Florida bail bonds agency requires collateral.

Although there are many bail bonds companies who ask their clients to put up their home or turn over the title to their car to get their loved one out of jail, we do things a little bit differently. Altman Bail Bonds offers No Collateral bonds, which is a Signature Bond, for most local clients.

The most important thing about a bail bonds agreement contract is that the person who signs it is taking responsibility for the defendant’s appearance in court. The percentage of people who skip bail is very low, and in most places, it’s less than 3 percent. But on the occasion that someone does make a run for it in hopes of evading prosecution, the bail bonds company (and the cosigner) will be liable for coughing up the defendant’s full bail amount.

Many bail bondsman will ask for collateral up front as a means of securing the bond. If the defendant finishes their case, that item will be returned to the person who posted it as soon as the court discharges the bond. If they skip bail and can’t be located, the collateral will be sold, and the money will be used to pay the forfeiture.

Collateral can be anything from expensive jewelry, boats, RVs, sport utility vehicles, cars, trucks or a lien on your property.

Am I eligible?

Bail Bonds WITHOUT COLLATERAL eligibility ...

Eligibility relates to the amount of the bail bond, the defendant’s criminal history, previous or current employment, and time spent at current residence, and a few other qualifications.

Altman Bail Bonds is one of a small handful of bail bonds companies that provides this type of service. bail bonds without collateral are also known as signature bail bonds. In this type of situation, the signature of the person who cosigns for the defendant is assurance enough that they will finish their case.

bail bonds without collateral are evaluated on a case by case basis but if the defendant’s bail has been set at less than $75,000, there is a good chance you will qualify. In fact, most of our clients find they’re eligible for no collateral bail bonds- even if they sign up for a monthly bail bonds payment plan. If the defendant’s bail has been set at $75,000 or more, we might still be able to help.

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We’ll take the time to answer your questions and can let you know what options are available to you. If you do need to post collateral, our bail bond agency accepts both real estate, vehicle titles and cash.

If you are considering helping with bail bonds for a friend, loved one or family member, it’s important you understand the responsibilities you’ll be taking on when you sign the bail bonds agreement for and what the process entails.

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