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At Altman Bail Bonds, we generally see this charge in Lake County after a night drinking at their favorite bar, a family gathering that didn’t end so well, or a brawl in public. We have posted many bail bonds for disorderly conduct in Tavares and can quickly guide you on the fastest and most efficient way to secure your loves freedom from jail.

Florida Disorderly Conduct Laws

Florida uses the offense disorderly conduct, also known as a “breach of the peace,” to regulate conduct in public places. State laws prohibit public acts that corrupt public morals or violate standards of public decency, or affect the peace and quiet of other people. Common scenarios leading to disorderly conduct charges include public arguments, public intoxication, and non-violent encounters with police.

Florida disorderly conduct laws also allow the prosecution of individuals who take part in public fights or brawls. The state refers to a public fight or brawl as an “affray.” While the state generally treats disorderly conduct as a second degree misdemeanor, an affray can result in a first degree misdemeanor prosecution.

In addition, a public fight or brawl qualifying as a “riot” according to state laws can result in a felony prosecution, which is a more serious proceeding than a misdemeanor charge.

disorderly conduct charges - lake county, florida
  • Inciting a Riot
  • Disturbance of the Peace
  • Loitering in Certain Areas
  • Fighting or Physical Altercations
  • Obstructing Traffic
  • Use of Extremely Obscene or Abusive Language
  • Loud or Unreasonable Noise
  • Disorderly Intoxication
  • Affray

If you are arrested in Lake County, Florida for Disorderly Conduct, Call Altman Bail Bonds Office, day or night. You are assured Professional, trusted bail bond service in Tavares Florida.

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