Probation Violations in Florida

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Probation Violations in Lake County Florida may or may not carry a bond.

Typically a probable cause felony violation of probation due to being arrested on new charges will not have a bond right away. Whether you receive a bond on your violation of probation or VOP , all depends on your judge and your attorney here in Lake County.

Felony Violation of Probation consistently does not carry a bond unless you have a private attorney fighting for your right to bail.

Misdemeanor Violation of Probation typically will be granted a bond and you are able to bail out.

Every probationer will be different when it comes to why they have been considered violated. Violations can occur from non-payment of fees, failed drug test, failure to complete court ordered classes, or new trouble while on probation.

If you suspect you might have violated your probation, give Altman Bail Bonds a call.

We will be happy to research your situation and explain your best options to handle your violation of probation bail bond in Lake County Florida.

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