Call Altman Bail Bonds now if you have good reason to suspect that you might have a warrant in Lake County or within the entire State of Florida.

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Bail Bond Agent, Tim Altman is well versed on providing warrant information for Lake, Sumter, Marion, and other Counties located in Central Florida. Obtaining the warrant information including charges and bail bond amount is not easy in cases where it’s not located in an online database.

There are a few Counties that the Sheriff will not provide warrant information over the phone. Usually when this happens, bail bond agent Tim Altman will pull his resources together, search online or call the warrants division to acquire about the warrant information that will help you surrender yourself to the proper jail for a self arrest. Lake County Sheriff will not give out warrant info unless you are sitting in the bail bonds office. We will make an appointment with you to run your name, this isn’t a trick and you have the option to leave once the warrant is confirmed or denied. Call our office during regular business hours to make an appointment. Contact Us

Process for Self Arrest or Walk-through

Once the Warrant info is obtained, we will conveniently set up an appointment at Altman Bail Bonds to finalize the bail bond for said warrant. The bail bondsman will then go to the jail with you to surrender yourself along with the Bond. Usually if it is a Lake County warrant, we will do the Walk-through at the Tavares jail. The Lake County Jail is one of the fastest around Central Florida for processing bail bonds, as long as it’s a local Lake County warrant, processing time in and out should only take a few hours if timed right. If the warrant is in another county besides Lake, you can still do it at the Lake County jail.

Confidentiality & Anonymity

Everything is published to the internet these days and mugshot exploitation is a common penalty of arrest now. There is still one jail in Central Florida that does not have a recent arrest website. We will advise our clients which are particularly worried about the public eye on their misfortune of which jail is still protected from mugshot exploitation.

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